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Yvonne Turner BSc, CBiol, MRSB, Assoc CIPD

yvonne turner

Yvonne Julie Turner holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Biochemistry from Brunel University. She is a member of the Institute of Biology and a member of the Forensic Science Society and was a Link Person in the London Laboratory and the Chepstow Laboratory.

In 1986 Yvonne joined the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory (now the Forensic Science Service, London) in the biology section where she examined items for body fluids, specialised in textile fibre analysis and also, at an early stage of her career, delivered training to police officers. She later developed into training police officers, scenes of crime officers and other visitors to the laboratory in various aspects of forensic science. Presentations to the Forensic Science Society and school workshops featured as a break to bench work. She then spent a number of years in the DNA unit and as a Textile Fibres Specialist in the Analytical Department. This period included presentation of evidence at court on both DNA and textile fibres and the publication of scientific papers. A formal training position followed many years as an examiner at the bench and at crime scenes. In 2001 she transferred internally to the Chepstow Laboratory as a Customer Training Consultant to provide bespoke training courses for police forces in the South West and Wales region.

Yvonne has delivered training courses to a wide range of audiences including police, scenes of crime officers, scientists, forensic medical examiners and support staff. In her role as Technical Training Advisor she recently lectured on courses such as New Entrants, Professionalism & Customer Awareness and Court Presentation Skills for forensic scientists. As a Customer Trainer she delivered training to Specialist Trained Officers in the correct use of the medical examination kit and use of the early evidence kit. More recently training has been delivered to Forensic Nurse Practitioners who are, in some forces, replacing the use of Forensic Medical Examiners. She was instrumental in the implementation and training to all police forces in England and Wales regarding the introduction of the New Medical Examination Kit Training Package in collaboration with the ACPO/APS/FSS Working Party. She co-ordinated the launch programme and delivered associated training to specialist officers and forensic medical examiners across England and Wales.

Yvonne received the nationally accredited British Psychological Level A and Level B Certificates of Competence in Occupational Testing in March 2011. Yvonne can now administer psychometric questionnaires and provide feedback to individuals or facilitate workshops for teams at all levels of your organisation.

She is now engaged as an independent forensic science training consultant and is prepared to accept commissions from police forces, lawyers, corporate and private clients.

Since leaving public service in 2010 Yvonne has worked widely in the training arena, including the design & delivery of courses to the Mauritius Forensic Science Laboratory and lecturing part time on the BSc & MSc courses in forensic science at the University of South Wales. She has undertaken MBTI analysis, including at an NHS Trust, and delivered expert witness courses to police and other customers.

Yvonne also continues to work as a consultant to Foster + Freeman, one of the foremost forensic science equipment suppliers in the world, exporting market-leading, and in many cases unique, products from the UK to more than 155 countries worldwide. Yvonne is currently their in-house biologist and advises on new product development and key projects associated with body fluid location and identification; this includes visiting customers in the UK to share her findings and demonstrate Crime-lite capability.

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Yvonne Turner