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S&T Forensics offer bespoke services in various areas of forensic science and training with the emphasis on excellent customer service. The former includes primary investigations and case reviews. We aim to assist you and your organisation attain the best service and value for money.

We can review live and cold cases involving body fluids (blood, semen, saliva, etc), DNA STR profiling tests, hairs & textile fibres and damage assessment. Our expertise also encompasses blood pattern analysis; at crime scenes and in relation to items such as weapons and clothing seized from suspects.

The investigation of fires (whether initially deemed accidental, deliberate or suspicious) can also be undertaken; this includes dispersed phase explosions (that is, gas, vapour or dust). The examination of fire scenes involving fatalities can often pose their own unique problems but these can be addressed using the vast experience, skills and knowledge available to us.


Our, your or a third party’s findings can be tested against conflicting scenarios, usually prosecution and defence accounts, using established assessment and interpretation techniques. A short preliminary report or full report can be compiled as required by the customer and, in due course, evidence adduced in a court of law.

We are also able to assist in determining forensic strategies, undertaking technical laboratory reviews, helping to formulate contract tenders/responses and reviewing tender responses.

Via our partners we can assist you or advise on a number of other areas of forensic science – please contact us for details.

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